Thursday, 18 February 2021 20:50

Growth of Internet fraud in Nur-Sultan increased by 59% in 2020

For the commission of Internet frauds, the police prosecuted 97 persons, about 100 million tenge was reimbursed to the victims, reports [].

The rate of growth in the popularity of online trading became noticeable during the pandemic, this was used by cheaters on the Internet. Among them can be distinguished fraud committed under the pretext of selling medical masks, antiseptics, medicines, fur coats, cell phones, furniture. All this was sold by cheaters from hundreds of fake accounts and in ads on social networks. Such Internet resources are further identified and blocked.

Other cheaters presented themselves as bank employees, and their details and SMS passwords were lured from bank card holders by deception. Thus, criminals gained access to accounts and committed theft on the Internet. More than 300 residents of the capital suffered from the actions of such cheaters, and the damage amounted to about 300 million tenge. The investigation of these cases shows the withdrawal of money to the accounts of foreign banks.

In the second half of the year, users of the OLX and Kolesa private ad site suffered the most. Those who tried to sell the goods on these sites, cheaters offered delivery services that do not exist. At the same time, cheaters sent a link similar to this site, asked to fill out a questionnaire where it was necessary to indicate a bank card. After completing the questionnaire, users remained not only without profit, but also without savings. There are 600 such victims.

The police recommend:

- do not transfer bank card details, CVV codes and passwords to third persons;

- to refuse prepayment without making sure of the availability of the goods and their quality;

- in order to avoid making online loans, do not transfer their personal data to outsiders;

- not to participate in doubtful actions to increase money;

- check the reliability of the services provided.